Our humanitarian programs extend globally and include: 

• Building schools and providing education programs

• Building hospitals

• Providing vaccines and medical services

• Providing clean water where none is available

• Support developing renewable energy sources in villages

• Educating indigenous communities on farming and sustainable techniques

• Support on human trafficking- all areas requiring immediate funds

• Facilities for abuse of substance individuals and programs to support

• Working in conjunction with government programs established

•Donations to worthy established services, programs & education


Trust ID# NSBT-10272016

A Pure Private Irrevocable, Common Law, Non-Statutory, Non-Associated, Unincorporated Business Organization (UBO) Private Sovereign through Jennifer Bender as a sovereign owning Native Sun Native Sun Bank & Trust Charter ID# NSBT-10272016-A Dept of the Treasury MSB Registration Number # 31000073510318 Aniyvwiya Nation Tribe Official Resolution for Cherokee Country Resolution Number : 10003-131030-091836 The United Nations Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples, established in December 1985 (General Assembly resolution 40/131) US Department of State Authentication # 04010010-1 / Indigenous Peoples Funds, LLC.